Pressure Relief Valve and Hot Water System

hot water system2Pressure Relief Valve

Do you have a pipe on the side of your hot water system that doesn’t seem to go anywhere or appear to do anything? This pipe is there for a good reason it is an outlet – the  pressure relief valve releases the pressure building up inside your hot water system as a result of the heating water. Your pressure relief valve may break down and just constantly leak water in which case it may be replaced.

Manufacturers recommend that Pressure Relief Valves should be changed every 5 years in order to prolong the life expectancy of your hot water system. So if you haven’t had your Pressure Relief Value changed and you have had your Hot Water System for longer than 5 years you should give us a call to get it replaced don’t wait for it to break down and leak water everywhere. The Pressure Relief Valve needs to be changed by a licenced plumber.

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