Installing or Replacing Leaking Mixer Taps

Blocked Drains CanberraMixer taps are taps where the hot and cold water control is done from one handle and the water comes out of the spout which is connected to the handle. It this picture the water control is from the lever on top. If you push up to turn the tap on and down to turn it off. Then you push the lever to one side you get cold water and if you push it to the other side you get hot water and somewhere in the middle will be lukewarm water.

Mixer taps are easier to use for people that have difficulty turning off taps. The ease of use makes mixer taps especially good if you or a family member is suffering from a disability. Even if you don’t have a disability mixers are great.

Mixer taps are really great due to their flexibility. They are perfect for use with vanity basins. In the shower you can have a thermostatic valve attached so that every time you have a shower & turn them on the water is at the perfect temperature. This way you won’t waste water while you are trying to get the balance of hot & cold right. Mixer taps also suit the bathtub very well & they can be mounted on the wall to the side or a place that suits you so you can luxuriate in your bath without a spout sticking into you. If you need a new vanity consider one with a mixer.

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