Leaking Toilet

Leaking toilets

Leaking  Toilet

Do you have a leaking toilet or a toilet that never stops running? Is your toilet cistern constantly running or filling up in the middle of the night? If this is the case unfortunately you are wasting money and water. Toilet cisterns often require a new washer as washers are perishable. Likewise the inlet or outlet valve sometimes needs replacing. Sometimes the best solution is to replace your old toilet cistern which can be consuming up to 11 litres of water per flush, with a new dual flush cistern which uses less than half that amount as it is cost-effective as well as water wise.

Having said that, sometimes it is best just to replace the whole toilet. Unless you can get the exact cistern that goes with your toilet if they are mismatched they will not empty the toilet properly and sometimes just replacing the whole toilet and getting a modern one is a better option. It is hard to know exactly when a toilet should be replaced – I have seen them last over 45 years. New toilets with all the pipe work enclosed are easy to clean and easy on the eye. As with clothes bathroom fashion also changes every 5-10 years.