Repair Hot Water System

hot water system

Repair Hot Water System

Is your hot water system leaking? Plumbing emergencies of course happen at the most in opportune moments. There are several plumbing issues which can affect the operation of your hot water unit. The plumbers at Canberra Plumbing are competent at addressing all of your issues in a timely fashion.

Whether your problem is an element or thermostat on an electric hot water system or a pressure relief valve  we have the expertise and equipment to get you back your hot water.

If your hot water system is older than 10-20 years guess what  . . . the parts on your hot water system are going to start to wear out and need replacing one after the other. So we can replace the parts as they wear out, OR if your hot water system throws in the towel you can replace it and get an up to date hot water system that is more efficient and cost effective. We will help you whether you want to replace the parts on your old hot water system or if you want to get a new one.

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